Marketing Expertise

PortiCo Drives Marketing Strategy.

PortiCo Research has 27 years of partnering with marketing teams, and we’ve developed the skills and knowledge to help inform impactful brand strategy, communications/messaging, media planning, product design and marketing efforts for our clients.

We continue to be innovators and co-creators of new research techniques to answer new research questions, designing each project to tackle the specific research question at hand.

We bring the target to life.

  • Unearthing personal and shared motivations, beliefs and values
  • Identifying tensions, opportunities and barriers
  • Exposing generational commonalities
  • Illustrating life stage, lifestyle, routines and rituals
  • Uncovering their identities through their media and technology usage
  • Meeting your consumer while they are moving forward – their aspirations, goals and trajectory
  • Sharing the stories, images and language that are relevant to the current and future customer.

We decode the customer experience over time and by stage.

  • Observing behaviors throughout the lifecycle of a product/service – from awareness to purchase or disinterest
  • Detailing the customer’s journey, including the emotional, cognitive, social and behavioral stages
  • Collecting and analyzing longitudinal data (e.g., digital journals, re-interviews, etc.)
  • Developing the consumer’s narrative about their journey

We uncover the decision-making process.

  • Creating comprehensive decision maps
  • Teasing out the shopping process – especially the intersection and interplay between online and in-person shopping
  • Untangling the meaning of “value” for today’s shopper