Our Team

Caroline Gibbons


Caroline founded PortiCo Research in 1992, using her background in sociology, anthropology, clinical psychology & family counselling to guide her into consumers’ lives, where she could learn what deeply motivates their behavior. She’s passionate about finding the intersection of what matters to people and what will grow a business. Caroline’s creativity and tenacity enable her to steward projects and help her clients leverage the value of research, take on the implications and move forward in new ways.

Scott Moshier


As Director of Consumer Insights since 1999, Scott has a never-ending curiosity regarding the details of consumer experience, getting below the surface to what truly matters in people’s everyday lives through intuitive interviewing and creative analysis. With degrees in communications and cultural geography, as well as extensive experience in market research, brand planning and media planning, Scott inspires his longstanding clients with strategic and actionable insights.

Jackson Barry

Milllennial Interviewer

Writer, Ethnographer, Traveler and son of Caroline Gibbons – Jackson was born the same year that PortiCo Research was founded. He was raised alongside the business, and with eyes peeled open, learned to observe the ever-shifting cultures and communities around him. Today, Jackson works full-time with PortiCo Research conducting interviews, drafting proposals and writing articles on everything from Millennials’ investing in Bitcoin to Subaru’s explosive popularity.

Karen Hofman


Karen is passionate about discovering the meaning behind people’s actions, as well as the lived realities and circumstances that shape their everyday lives. Whether exploring urban agriculture or health literacy, her academic research interests have brought a nuanced understanding of the relationship between people and their everyday life practices to her work with PortiCo since 1998.

Libby Christenson


Libby’s desire to connect, get curious about and remain inspired by human beings has led her to the exciting world of ethnographic research. Libby works as an interviewer/facilitator with PortiCo, as well as a Professional Co-Active Coach where she focuses on leadership development. She has experience in Wilderness Therapy, Sales/Marketing, and Community Wellness. Libby connects well with young respondents and is able to elicit animated group participation. Her mission is to help create a world where people are unapologetically themselves, stepping into their power one choice at a time. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Charlette Speigner


Charlette has been given the title “Rock Star Recruiter,” a title she says “thank you” to but shies away from in giggles. She also continues to grow as an interviewer, bringing her warmth and curiosity to the field. Simply, she enjoys what she does, and has the ability to transcend beyond the questions on the page and get to heart of the individual. With a BFA in Acting from DePaul University, she’s been humbled to perform on many of Chicago’s most renown stages. Charlette has a passion for finding exactly who we are looking for and overseeing nationwide recruiting.

Erin Hashimoto


Erin is a design researcher and strategist with experience in many industries, including medical design, business design, and branding. She is a passionate problem-solver with great ambition to positively change the environments so that we can be the people we aspire to be through the design of user-centered products and services. She feels that well-executed products and services are a result of a combination of great research, strategy and design.

Elka Andrzejewska

Elka, aka PortiCo’s Air Traffic Controller, schedules travel, manages invoices, and coordinates our back-office operations.