Introducing PortiCo’s Millennial Team: New Perspectives and Talents!

Introducing PortiCo’s Millennial Team: New Perspectives and Talents!

Libby Christenson (Personal Development Coach, Facilitator, Interviewer) has helped facilitate groups and conduct interviews for the truth initiative and other PortiCo clients, using her training and experience as a coach. Libby also worked in youth development, empowering young people to fully investigate who they are and activate their innate potential, making her an outstanding facilitator. Libby has experience leading youth programs as an Adventure Therapy coordinator, Yoga for Youth, and Interviewer/Correspondent for various research studies. She completed her training at the Co-Active Coaching Institute and owns her own private practice in Los Angeles. Libby’s enthusiasm and empathy, along with an understanding of human motivations, make her interviewing and group leadership style both rich and productive.

Jackson Barr (Writer,  Ski Instructor, Roving Ethnographer and Interviewer) travels the country (currently, transporting pets) with eyes peeled open and has learned to observe the ever-shifting cultures and communities around him. For PortiCo, Jackson conducts interviews, drafts proposals and writes articles on everything from how Millennials’ are investing in Bitcoin to Subaru’s explosive popularity. (Keep an eye out for his upcoming posts!) Jackson’s experience writing profiles of local characters and local culture for Ogilvy and Cole & Weber have helped inform our clients’ creative and pitches.  His “side hustle” approach to ethnography gives our clients cultural juice at a great value.

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