Humanizing “Big Data”

Humanizing “Big Data”

More and more of our clients are asking us to help them expand on their robust quant insights, adding human dimensions to their customer data – their motivations, their voice, their face, their language, their stories, their home, their relationships, their community. The challenge is to hone the human story, helping to make what they already know more relatable and more personal.

We’ve designed different solutions to add the personal touch to your Big Data, depending on your needs.
• Heighten and humanize your target profile or segments
• Spark creative development with real life stories, images and language
• Build on/check your course…refine the direction you’re taking

Some recent projects where we’ve expanded on Big Data for our clients:
• A deep profile of 4 distinct segments – a more complex/thorough project, including telephone interviews, digital journaling, and in-depth in-home interviews.
• A check-in on insights – a series of targeted focus groups to assess and refine learning from our client’s internal data analysis
• Sparking creative ideas for a new business pitch – a few days in the field guerilla-style, gathering real-world stories, images, and language to support initial insights

If you’ve got some Big Data insights that could use a personal touch, reach out to us and we’ll help you figure out how to best layer on the details, the color, the motivations, the stories to bring them to life.

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